What the Web can do for you

Ferroforma 2017

Who am I?


My name is Salvador de la Puente. I'm software engineer at Mozilla. I work for the Web: HTML5, standards, new technologies, developer relations... Previously, I worked for Telefonica I+D in Firefox OS.


What's an app?

Can you tell what is the native app?

Twitter Home Screen icons

And now?

Twitter Native Application Twitter Web Application Without Browser UI

But you certainly do now.

Twitter Native Application Twitter Web Application

Or now.

Twitter Native Application

In the mobile world, users expect to interact with apps.

Webs are those things we visit using the browser.

Some numbers

Mobile apps retain the user attention more time while the Web reaches more people.

There is more opportunity in the Web.

Targeting the Web involves one development and save costs.

Progressive Web Apps

Flipkart in Offline mode Flipkart showing custom no content warning

Service Workers enables offline experiences and reliable performance even in situations of flaky connections.

Flipkart specifying the theme color Flipkart theme Flipkart splashscreen

Thanks to the manifest file, the web app can be better integrated with the OS.

Flipkart notification

Web Push allows users to receive notifications from the webs they visit.

Do you want to know more?

More statistics at PWA Stats.


A person wearing an Oculus head mounted display and their presence control.

A new API for sending content to HMDs and tracking the pose of VR peripherals.


A framework to develop quality VR experiences using Web technologies: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

See the Pen A-Frame Scene Manipulation by Salvador de la Puente González (@lodr) on CodePen.

An additional step costs you 20% of users.

Friction is specially relevant in VR.

But with WebVR, VR experiences are one-click away from your desktop.

And applications don't end with games.


Salvador de la Puente González