The Open Web at your Fingertips

The Internet is a global public resource that must remain open and accessible to all.

2nd principle of Mozilla Manifesto

  1. Living in an Open World
  2. Mozilla
  3. Participation & Community
  4. Learning resources
  5. Developer Relationships

Living in an Open World

#1: publish your code

For exmaple: use GitHub.

#2: build a reputation

Talk about your interests (WordPress), share your thoughts (Twitter) and know people (i.e. attend to conferences or meetups).

#3: share your knowledge

Embrace Creative Commons.

Choose a free software license…

…or at least an open source one.

#4: contribute

You will learn a bunch of useful skills and develop some important collaboration attitudes.



Mozilla is a non-profit organization whose goal is to keep the Internet alive and accesible so people worldwide can be informed contributors and creators of the Web.

The Mozilla Manifesto summarizes our values and principles.

Participation & Community

Mozilla is supported by one of the largest communities of volunteers worldwide. These volunteers help us…

  • Fixing bugs and implementing features in Bugzilla.
  • Translating and localizing our software in the l10n team.
  • Speaking about technologies at Tech Speakers program.

And the participation is not limited to tech people.

Former campaigns

  • The Campus Campaign program is aimed at empowering students so they can drive real personal and social change.
  • First campaign, Take Back the Web, is focused on privacy.
  • But this is only the first of many others.

The hidden business of the Web

Do you engage with our vision?

Become a Mozilla Representative!

Do you want to participate?

Find your Mozilla Rep.

Looking for Mozilla in Spain?

Look for Mozilla Hispano

Looking for Mozilla in Portugal?


Learning resources

Two approaches…

The Mozilla Learning Network

  • It's about general Web education.
  • For all kind of audiences.
  • Focused on Web Literacy: write, read and participate.

The Mozilla Developer Network

  • It's about specific Web Programming resources.
  • For technical audiences.
  • A combination of API documentation and guides.

Additional resources

Developer Relationships

What we are?

Developers talking & listening to developers.

What we do?

  • We work side by side with Mozilla teams to know about their activities and tell the world what they are doing.
  • We write posts in the Hacks blog.
  • We run the Tech Speakers program.
  • And we attend to conferences and organize events such as View Source.
  • Not only to talk but to listen to the community and their needs.

Salvador de la Puente González


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