The Right Choice

When is the Web the right answer —and why?

  1. The Bright Side of the Web
  2. Expectations on the Mobile Word
  3. The Native Paradox
  4. Modern Web to the Rescue
  5. PWA? A Word of Caution
  6. Resources and Credits

The Bright Side of the Web

The Web is…

  • Interoperable
  • Frictionless
  • Free (as in free speech)
  • Discoverable


Grow in digital media time

Source: 2016 U.S. Mobile App Report

Confluence of factors is driving the huge uptick in app usage time, and apps are overtaking other media in importance. However, it’s also important to recognize the others haven’t gone away and the opportunity lies in multi-platform engagement.

—2015 U.S. Mobile Report Opportunities Key Points


Every step costs you 20% of users

Source: Every Step Costs you 20% of Users

Free (as in free speech)

The Web is not owned which means…

No review process

No content censorship


Unique visitors milestones

Source: 2016 U.S. Mobile App Report

Increment of the user of discovery channels

Source: 2016 U.S. Mobile App Report

Expectaction on the Mobile World

Apps run independent on connectivity.

Application with no connectivity Dinosaur game in Chrome

App vs. tab

Apps are independent, they don't run on other apps.

App task switcher Browser tab switcher

App vs. tab

Apps can re-engage the user, even after closed.

New e-mail notification Highlghting new content in app

App vs. tab

Can the Web do better?

It's not an App on Android because it's made with Java. It's not an app on Android because it's made with C++. (…) It's an app because the overall user experience is set by the OS about what is a first class citizen and what isn't.

And so being an app is simply meeting the user's expectations of all of the other things that the OS has given privilege to (…)

Alex Russell at PWA Dev Summit 2016

The Native Paradox

Can you tell what is the native app?

Twitter Home Screen icons

And now?

Twitter Native Application Twitter Web Application Without Browser UI

But you certainly do now.

Twitter Native Application Twitter Web Application

Or now.

Twitter Native Application

In the mobile world, users expect to interact with applications.

In the web world, users expect to interact with browser tabs.

Different benefits for different platforms

Audience vs loyalty

Source: 2016 U.S. Mobile App Report

What you hope is that the experience with your entire company is so good, and the service or value you provide is so impressive, and the benefits to your app are so clear … that casual browsers turn into mobile app users.

—Wait, what? Mobile browser traffic is 2X bigger… at (2015)

Mobile web is the primary vehicle for expanding audience reach, but apps are where heavy engagement happens. Publishers must get better at onboarding mobile web visitors to the app, and get their apps promoted to the home screen if they want to maximize usage.

—2016 U.S. Mobile Report Opportunities Key Points

PWA to the rescue

Modern Web to the Rescue

Fulfilling user expectation for apps requires web sites…

To integrate with the OS.

To be independent of the browser.

To perform good enough.

Web Manifest

    "name": "Flipkart Lite",
    "short_name": "Flipkart Lite",
    "icons": [ {
      "src": "",
      "sizes": "192x192",
      "type": "image/png"
    } ],
    "start_url": "/?start_url=homescreenicon",
    "orientation": "portrait",
    "display": "standalone",
    "theme_color": "#006cb4",
    "background_color": "#006cb4"

Partial manifest from Flipkart Lite.

Flipkart specifying the theme color Flipkart theme Flipkart splashscreen

Flipkart Lite progressive web app

Service Workers

JavaScript programs

In charge of service-like tasks

Runnng in parallel

Driven by events

Functional Events

Functional Events


Fetch event
Flipkart in Offline mode Flipkart showing custom no content warning
Time a user can wait before leaving the page

Source: How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line


Push event
Retention related to Push

Source: 2015: The Year that Push Notifications Grew Up

Three words of warning: Timely, Relevant, Precise.

Denyal of receiving push in increasing

Source: 2016 U.S. Mobile App Report


PWA? A Word of Caution

A Progressive Web App is a website following a progressive enhancement strategy to deliver native-like interactions by using modern Web standards.

PWAs are not a new kind of Web thing.

PWAs are not a silver bullet.

PWAs do not give you anything for free.

The term PWA should not be used to deceive non-technical folks.

Fear the Walled Gardens…

Walled gardens look beautiful. They’re home to the most popular flora. But make no mistake, you won’t be able to venture very far in any one direction without encountering a wall.

And every walled garden has a gatekeeper, who uproots plants that look like weeds. If you want to plant something in a walled garden, you have to get approval from that gatekeeper.

—Quincy Larson on Inside the Invisible War for the Open Internet



Salvador de la Puente González


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